Represents the society in several ways..




In this world, there are lots of beautiful places, may it be Nature or Mordernized. We people had been given the gift of appreciation. There are lots of places each and everyone of us do appreciate. Malls are one of those we appreciate. We can say that malls are a town’s main attraction. In my hometown Quezon city, an attraction would  likely to be TriNoma, a mall.

Making this research comes out with a realization that places like TriNoma could mirror another stuff. This research definitely needed a lot of focus, research, and arbitrary decisions. First you need to be specific in certain preferences. But when finished, would totally give you relief and will serve as a worthy possession. This research about TriNoma is not an endorsement. This research most likely shows up as a trivia owning concluding statements. This research simply says that TriNoma‘s lower levels are mostly invaded by shoppers because of the shop arrangement scheme.

Could you ever think that as you go up in TriNoma‘s floor levels, the shops around you are getting expensive. Even in SM malls, they possess a common shop arrangement scheme. As you go up the floor levels in TriNoma, there’s definitely no difference. And in my research, I will prove that these arrangements give an obvious effect to the shoppers.


——To get into the story, Start reading the TriNoma menu and so on as you go right.


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