Represents the society in several ways..



mall's levels

As you see in the previous pages, management and market strategies help build a great shopping center. Without a good maagement, your progressed mall won’t be invaded by a lot of people. Malls must be entertaining, trending and a good hang-out place.

Concluding the shop arrangement as an ordinary person, I can see that shops at the lower levels of TriNoma sells the people’s basic necessities. Starting from the Landmark Supermarket, as it fulfills our physiological needs; To the Ground level, where a lot of famous and Filipino-progressed shops are in; To the Second level, where all shops talk about what you want; To the Third Level, where your all-time dreamt clothes and trending items are purchased; To the last level in terms of shopping, where you fulfill your excitement and fun.

The shop arrangement of TriNoma just portraits the social classes of the society excellently. From lower levels, as the poor people; to the middle level, as the middle class men of the society; to the third level, as the rich people; to the last level, for everyone.

Because of these arrangements, we can see that TriNoma‘s lower levels have more shoppers rather than its upper levels in terms of shopping. Shops in the lower levels are cheaper tan the shops in the upper levels.



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