Represents the society in several ways..

Levels Comparison

Basic necessities can be bought in this area. Food for the family, diapers, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, and a lot more! Everything you need to buy to satisfy your physiological needs are here. Hunger, thirst, hygiene, etc. And as you go up the mall, it changes…


ground floor, TriNoma

TriNoma‘s ground level consists of shops and restaurants that are famous in the Philippines. In this level, convenience stores are in and a lot of commonly bought materials can be purchased here.

Viewing TriNoma as a shopping place, most shoppers shop at this level. Common items are in this level that is why many shoppers are in this level. Medicines, affordable flip-flops, affordable clothes, and shops originated by Filipinos, which makes it cheaper, are here.

The mall’s second level has upgraded shops in comparison from the shops of the ground level. It now talks about affordable items and budget. Shops like Nike, Shoe Salon, Yellow cab, Avant Abenson, and The Travel club are here. Some of it are still necessities but it differs in price when compared to shops in ground level.
When you need shoes because you have nothing to wear anymore, high-quality shoes can be found here. The ground level also sells shoes but a little cheaper in price.

The Third Level. What items can be bought here? Having extra budget is applicable in this shopping area. Extra salary can buy items here without diminishing your family and personal budget. But still, items here are very expensive. Jeans, shirts, jackets, bags and a lot more are imported and extremely famous. So, no doubt that those items cuts your money left and right.

Lacoste, third level, TriNoma

Lacoste, a very famous shop. An expensive shop like Lacoste can be easily determined through its shop design. Seeing the items through glass window and cool architecture immediately tells it is an expensive shop.

Power Mac Center, third level, TriNoma

Power Mac Center, a shop so big and expensive. Trial gadgets are displayed and a lot of gadget accessories can be purchased. Gadgets can be bargained and these gadgets prices are extremely expensive. Maybe percentage of the price just buys the famous brand of Apple, which is a very famous company when it comes to the electronics.


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