Represents the society in several ways..


At the previous research, I had enumerated some of the shops in TriNoma. Now, we are going to see the levels where most of the shoppers go. It is considered that each of us have different interest on shops. But still, buying the basic commodities is observed by everyone.

The ground level of TriNoma is obviously invaded by a lot of shoppers for a lot of convenience stores are in it. For example, Mercury drug (drug store). Who would have buy medicines at the roof of the mall? What if buyers need it in a small amount of time? The patient would have suffered from current illness. These are one of the possible reasons behind. Convenient stores must be located in just an appropriate distance or area.

Mercury Drug, ground level, TriNoma

Ground level, In the picture beside, you can see that a lot of people are hanging out in here. This, Mercury Drug, a drug store. Yes, indeed, the people must buy medicines to maintain a healthy body system and prevent illnesses or even fight diseases. Proper shop distances is a must for customers. You don’t need to place a shop in the roof of the mall and take away or make it hard for them to purchase what they need.






Bench, ground level, TriNoma

The picture at the left is one of the famous shops in the Philippines, Bench, for a Filipino-citizen is the shop’s owner. This store sells different kinds of clothes and apparel. The shop having a Filipino owner is a great benefit for Filipino customers for clothes are a lot cheaper rather than imported items which quality never ranges so far with Bench.

Can you ever figure out how does TriNoma portraits the society? Based in a research, SM malls’ shops are arranged in certain levels, just like the social classes of the society. Expensive shops at the upper levels mirror the rich people. Affordable items can be bought at the middle level of the mall. The middle floor level portraits the middle class of the society. They can buy items with their budgeted money Since the shops sell affordable items, it shows up as the middle class of the society.

Clavin Klein Jeans, third level, TriNoma

The Third Level. A lot of people are practical when it comes to budget. Why buy expensive items? In this level, items may be so expensive. Jeans may cost Php 3,000 while Jeans in other shops, jeans just cost less than Php 1000. This research comes up with practicality, but will still end proving that TriNoma’s lower levels got more shoppers in terms of shop.


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